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Fujitsu Lifebook P770 Battery 6 Cell[Lifebook P770]

Fujitsu Lifebook P770 Battery 6 Cell[Lifebook P770]



Description This is a brand new Fujitsu Lifebook P770 Battery 6 Cell. It is manufactured and designed according to the original manufacturer's specifications.
Product Specifications
Compatible Brand FMV-BIBLO MG/G70, FMV-BIBLO MG/G75, FMV-BIBLO MG50S, FMV-BIBLO MG50SN, FMV-BIBLO MG50T, FMV-BIBLO MG50U, FMV-BIBLO MG50U/V, FMV-BIBLO MG50W, FMV-BIBLO MG55S, FMV-BIBLO MG55SN, FMV-BIBLO MG55T, FMV-BIBLO MG55U, FMV-BIBLO MG57SN, FMV-BIBLO MG70S/T, FMV-BIBLO MG70SN, FMV-BIBLO MG75S, FMV-BIBLO MG75SN, FMV-BIBLO MG75T, FMV-BIBLO MG75U, FMV-BIBLO R/E50, FMV-BIBLO R/E70, FMV-BIBLO S/C50, FMV-BIBLO S/D50, FMV-BIBLO S/G50, FMV-R8290, FMV-S8220, FMV-S8225, FMV-S8250, FMV-S8490, LifeBook A561/D, LifeBook AH52/DNA, Lifebook AH52/GA, Lifebook AH54/H, LifeBook AH56/CN, LifeBook AH56/DN, Lifebook AH56/H, LifeBook AH572, LifeBook AH77/CN, LifeBook AH77/DN, Lifebook AH77/G, Lifebook AH78/HA, LifeBook E741/D, LifeBook E751, LifeBook E751/C, LifeBook E752, Lifebook E782, LifeBook E8310, LifeBook L1010, LifeBook LH700, Lifebook LH772, LifeBook P701, LifeBook P701/C, LifeBook P702, LifeBook P770, LifeBook P771, LifeBook P771A, Lifebook P772, LifeBook P8110, LifeBook PH701, LifeBook PH702, LifeBook S2210, LifeBook S561, LifeBook S6310, LifeBook S6311, LifeBook S710, LifeBook S7110, LifeBook S7111, LifeBook S751, LifeBook S751/C, LifeBook S752, LifeBook S760, LifeBook S761, LifeBook S761/D, LifeBook S762, LifeBook S782, LifeBook S792, LifeBook SH560, LifeBook SH560/3A, LifeBook SH561, Lifebook SH572, LifeBook SH760, LifeBook SH760/5A, LifeBook SH761, Lifebook SH762, Lifebook SH762/E, Lifebook SH771, LifeBook SH772, LifeBook SH782, LifeBook SH792, LifeBook T580, Tablet PC LifeBook TH550
Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 4400 mAh
Battery Voltage 11.1V - 10.8V
Cell quantity 6-Cell
Color Black
Condition New

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