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Haier 7g-5h Battery 8 Cell Original - A+ Copy[7g-5h]

Haier 7g-5h Battery 8 Cell Original - A+ Copy[7g-5h]



Description This is a brand new Haier W930 Battery 6 Cell Original - A+ Copy. It is manufactured and designed according to the original manufacturer's specifications.
Product Specifications
Compatible Brand HP 248 G1, Pavilion 14-n274tx, 350 G1, Pavilion 14-n275tx, 248 G1 (J5S19AV), Pavilion 14-n295tx, 340 G2 (K6C10AV), Pavillion 14-NF053EF, 340 G2 (K6C11AV), Pavilion 14-R030TX, 340 G2 (K9C82AA), Pavilion 14-R223TX, 350 G1 (F6P29AV), Pavilion 14-R224TX, 350 G1 (F6P30AV), Pavilion 14-R227TX, 350 G1 (F6P31AV), Pavilion 14-R230TX, 350 G2 (K5Q51AV), Pavillion 15-g019wm, 350 G2 (K5Q52AV), Pavillion 15-g222ng, 350 G2 (K8S85AA), Pavillion 15-M008TX, G0R83PA, Pavilion 15-n000, G0R84PA, Pavillion 15-N000SS, G6G36PA, Pavilion 15-n005sg, G6G37PA, Pavillion 15-N005TU, G6G38PA, Pavilion 15-n010sg, G7Z05PA, Pavillion 15-N042SL, G14-a006TX, Pavillion 15-N054TX, G14-a001TX(G8C98PA), Pavilion 15-n067ca, G14-a002TX(G8D14PA), Pavilion 15-N067SG, G14-a003TX(J6M19PA), Pavillion 15-P151, G14-a004TX(J6M20PA), Pavillion 16-N206AX, G14-a005TX(J8B61PA), Pavillion 14-N055sa, Pavilion 14-n000, Pavillion 15-n000ss, Pavillion 14-N047CA, Pavillion 15-n233sl, Pavillion 14-N048CA, Pavillion 15-n265ss, Pavillion 14-N054EF, Pavillion 15-N278SA, Pavilion 14-n063TX, Pavillion 15-p011x, Pavillion 14-N070SW, Pavillion 15-P011X NO, Pavillion 14-N218TX, Pavillion 16-N206AX, ProBook 350 G2, TouchSmart 15-n000, TouchSmart 15-n010sg
Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 4400 mAh
Battery Voltage 14.4V / 14.8V
Cell quantity 8-Cell
Color Black
Condition New

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