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HP JC04 Battery 4 Cell[JC04]

HP JC04 Battery 4 Cell[JC04]



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Description This is a brand new HP JC04 Battery 4 Cell. It is manufactured and designed according to the original manufacturer's specifications.
Product Specifications
Compatible Brand JC03 HP Notebook 15-BS, 17-BS, 15Q-BU, 15G-BR, 17-AK, 15-BW, 15Q-BY HP 15-bs000 Series: 15-bs168cl, 15-bs010ds, 15-bs013dx, 15-bs060wm, 15-bs192od, 15-bs033cl, 15-bs095ms, 15-bs015dx, 15-bs020wm, 15-bs016dx, 15-bs038dx, 15- bs078cl, 15-bs013nr, 15-bs077nr, 15-bs053od, 15-bs091ms, 15-bs080wm, 15-bs053od 15-bs131nr, 15-bs023cy, 15-bs016dx, 15-bs038cl, 15-bs058ca, 15-bs065nr, 15-bs091ms, 15-bs091ms, 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy, 15-bs011cy, 15-bs132nr HP 15-bw000 Series: 15-bw010nr, 15-bw032wm, 15-bw033wm, 15-bw011dx, 15-bw070nr, 15-bw028ca, 15-bw036nr, 15-bw053od, 15-bw008cl, 15-bw035nr, 15-bw040nr, 15-bw030nr, 15-bw017cl, 15-bw012nr, 15-bw010ca, 15-bw027au, 15-bw073nr, 15-bw072nr, 15-bw53od, 15-bw032nr, HP Pavilion 17z Ss, Pavilion 17z, Pavilion 17z 1EX13AV HP 246 G6, HP 246 G6 (2FF87PA), HP 246 G6 (2LH18PC), HP 246 G6 (2LF51PC), HP 246 G6 (2FF88PA), HP 246 G6 (4KU52PA), HP 246 G6 (4CH94PC), HP 246 G6 (4FF85PA), HP 246 G6 (2FF86PA), HP 246 G6 (4DB97PC), HP 246 G6 (2ST51PC), HP 255 G6, HP 250 G6
Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Battery Voltage 10.95v
Cell quantity 4 Cell
Color Black
Condition New

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