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HP Centrino PIN Charger 19V 3.42A[Pavilion dV6-6102AX]

HP Centrino PIN Charger 19V 3.42A[Pavilion dV6-6102AX]



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Description This is a brand new HP Pavilion dV6-6102AX Battery 9 Cell Original - A+ Copy. It is manufactured and designed according to the original manufacturer's specifications.
Product Specifications
Compatible Brand Pavilion DV6-6000, Pavilion DV6-6100, Pavilion DV6-6100AX, Pavilion DV6-6100EE, Pavilion DV6-6100EI, Pavilion DV6-6100EK, Pavilion DV6-6100EV, Pavilion DV6-6100SE, Pavilion DV6-6100SI, Pavilion DV6-6100ST, Pavilion DV6-6100SV, Pavilion DV6-6100TU, Pavilion DV6-6100TX, Pavilion DV6-6101AX, Pavilion DV6-6101EG, Pavilion DV6-6101EI, Pavilion DV6-6101ER, Pavilion DV6-6101EY, Pavilion DV6-6101SY, Pavilion DV6-6101TX, Pavilion DV6-6102AX, Pavilion DV6-6102EG, Pavilion DV6-6102EO, Pavilion DV6-6102ER, Pavilion DV6-6102SA, Pavilion DV6-6102SG, Pavilion DV6-6102SL, Pavilion DV6-6102TX, Pavilion DV6-6103AX, Pavilion DV6-6103EO, Pavilion DV6-6103ER, Pavilion DV6-6103SA, Pavilion DV6-6103TX, Pavilion DV6-6104AX, Pavilion DV6-6104CA, Pavilion DV6-6104EA, Pavilion DV6-6104EG, Pavilion DV6-6104EI, Pavilion DV6-6104NR, Pavilion DV6-6104SG, Pavilion DV6-6104SO, Pavilion DV6-6104TU, Pavilion DV6-6104TX, Pavilion DV6-6105ED, Pavilion DV6-6105EI, Pavilion DV6-6105EM, Pavilion DV6-6105SD, Pavilion DV6-6105
Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 6600mAh
Battery Voltage 11.1V
Cell quantity 9-Cell
Color Black
Condition New
Battery Dimension 204.95x52.25x39.96mm

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